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1. All members are required to carry membership cards at all times. No fishing will be permitted without a valid membership card.

2. Members must have a current environmental agency rod license.

3. You are permitted a maximum stay of 72 hours in one swim, after which you must vacate at least 2 swims along.

4. You are permitted to be away from your swim for no longer than 4 hours, after which time you must remove your tackle and vacate the swim.

5. All Members are required to sign in and out when on the venue, failure to do so may warnings will be given and could lead to ticket being lost.

6. Once a year you can book a swim of choice for a week session, 3 weeks notice needs to be given to Allan (07525457728)


7. You must comply with the following:- NO PARTICLES ALOUD, BOLLIE AND PELLET ONLY

  • Line must be a minimum of 15lb breaking strain.
  • Landing nets must be a minimum of 42", ideally larger.
  • Barbed or barbless is your choice.
  • Carp cradles are a must on Halliford Lake and off the ground, NO UNHOOKING MATS.
  • Carp care kits are a must and must be used on hookholds or abrasions.
  • Rig checks may be carried out anytime by bailiff team or management.
  • Pike fishing - wire traces and treble hooks only to be used between 1st Dec - 31st Feb 
  • Any kind of Korda Goo or any similar Goo products are banned from the venue.
  • The lake will close when fish are spawning a text will go out when they start and then when its safe to fish, please be aware this could be a 2 week period but then fish may spawn again.

8. Any fish found distressed, diseased or dead must be reported to the bailiff team or management on 07525457728, office number 01296 706477.

9. No fish are to be removed from the venue, we will ban and seek to prosecute anyone found doing so.

10. All fish should be treated with the same respect regardless of size, and all fish regardless of size should be logged in the catch report in the lodge.

11. The use of carp sacks for fish retention is prohibited. The retention of fish is allowed with a floatation weigh sling, any member seen sacking a fish will be banned.

12. No leaadcore leaders to be longer than 1 metre in length.

Venue security and cleanliness

1. You must close and lock the fishery gates behind you at all times, any codes given to you are your responsibility and not to be given out to none members or guests.

2. No visitors are allowed on the fishery unless they have permission from management.

3. 10 guest tickets are aloud per year per angler at a fee of £25 24 hours.

4. All vehicles are to be parked in allocated areas only, If visiting there is a free car park 50 yards from the venue.

5. Toilet facilities are provided and must be used, please leave them as you wish to find them.

6. No litter will be tolerated, Please take all rubbish home with you if caught leaving rubbish may lead to ticket being lost.

7. All combi locks will change from time to time please keep these to yourself.

8. Dogs are permitted on Halliford Lake but must be on a lead at all times and kept under control, any mess must be cleaned up, dogs out of sight are out of control.

9. No barrow porters or other tackle transporters may be left on site, they must be removed when you leave.

10. Speed limit on Halliford Lake is 5 MPH.


1. A maximum of 2 rods to be used all year round.

2. NO wading or swimming.

3. Permit holders under the influence of alcohol, drugs or solvents will be removed from the venue and banned, police may be informed.

4. Please be sensible, enjoy your fishing on Halliford Lake and allow the others to do the same.

5.Please respect other anglers, if you are unsure regarding swims or any other matter then please ask a bailiff or any member of staff as they will be more than happy to help.

6. Any member using social media network sites to abuse fellow members or any of the Halliford Lake team they will be banned.

7. Members are not aloud use of the boat for emergency's please contact a bailiff.



Halliford Lake reserve the right to amend rules at any time, all decisions made by management are final, we will not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury to person(s), property or vehicles however caused whilst using these premises