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 Welcome to Halliford Lake.

 WEB IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED DAILY  *Pictures are being added daily so keep checking back*

For any information regarding the lake membership or all inquiries please contact Allan on 07525457728 or at the office 01296 706477 and please leave a message and i will get back to you soon as possible


Halliford lake as its known today has been established well over 100 years, now with its silty beds and silty bays, there still remains the gravel bars and patches in and around the lake, having 5 islands on roughly a 10 acre pit there's plenty of features to fish to. Crystal clear water throughout most the year and plenty of weed to fish around in the summer.

 With the lilly pads now settled and in full bloom each summer this lake transforms into a tranquil paradise for both the carp and the wildlife and gives a pleasurable walk around the lake to just watch the water. 

We took over this lake on a lengthily project to bring out the full potential to what it is known today, with over grown bushes, horthorn bushes removed, rotten trees removed, we made a well walked path around the lake with access to the bay at the far end of the lake, which is now fully wood chipped .There is also 2 lodges in place where members can make a cup of tea, get out the rain to dry off or just to chill and catch up. Also there is 3 toilets on site that get maintained every fortnight, CCTV in and around the lake and securely gated entrance to the venue.

Since the banning of particles and making this water into a pellet and boilie water only, the weights of the fish have increased with every year seeing more thirties appearing and just waiting for a call or text to say a forty has been landed. The number rule of this venue is fish care, why we introduced carp cradles and a must have medi care for the fish, minimum 15lb line as it does get weedy and the fish like to run into a big ball of weed.